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Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at our office, here is what a few of our patients had to say!

  • "I suffered from headaches and pain in my right shoulder nearly every day for a year. I tried painkillers and physical therapy but they only gave me temporary relief. I had a hard time sleeping and performing my job duties. Two months after starting care at Innovative I am virtually headache free and the tension in my shoulders is better. I have much less stress in my body and life is great! Thank You."
  • "Before coming to Innovative Chiropractic and Massage my pain bothered me 24/7. I had just grown used to it as it was part of my life. I took muscle relaxers and pain pills daily just to get through the day. I slept in a recliner because I couldn't lay flat due to my back pain. Since I began care at Innovative I am completely off the pills and can now sleep in my own bed! I never imagined I would feel this good again!"
  • "I was fortunate to find Innovative Chiropractic and Massage a few years ago. A friend had told me about them and I decided to check it out. I have been to a few other chiropractors in the past but none like this one. The staff was very friendly and the doctors took the time to answer all my questions and show me what and where my problems were. They really take the time to educate you about chiropractic and how to take care of your body to achieve long lasting results. Now I see them once or twice a month for tune-ups and haven't had any problems in a long time."